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Top 10 Best And Most Famous Taylor Swift Songs Of All Time

Taylor Swift is one of the top singers in the music industry to date and has given some of the very best songs of all time. She comes from south and so have a south music touch in her songs which the viewers appreciate.

She has received many big awards and the biggest milestone was when she won a Grammy award for her song. Below we will discuss the top ten songs of Taylor swift not only by the voice n that song but also by the lyrics.

10. I Knew You Were Trouble

It was released in 2012 and got the attention of people in a short span of time. This song has a beautiful voice of Taylor Swift but the popularity depends upon the lyrics written for this song. Lyrics are absolutely beautiful and she without any doubt gives her best to make this song a success.


9. Mean

Mean is a song written and sung by Taylor Swift. T got appraisal because the person who listen to this song makes him go back o the past. Where he things about all his teenage and kids depressing moments that came across the way. She has sung it beautifully that made this song heart touching.


8. Teardrops on My Guitar

This song is a romantic genre based song sung by Taylor swift. IT makes the person to feel the deepness of love. This song got the attention because whenever a person listens to this song, it reminds him of his love and the feelings about her. That makes this song so special.


7. Our Song

This is also the song for couples of broken ones. This song is sung beautifully and the lyrics of this song are very heart touching. When someone in deep love listens to this song he would cry because of some lines in this song, that are so beautifully written that they will touch the heart of the listener.


6. Mine

It is a cherishing song with beautiful lyrics. Taylor Swift done it again with her voice. When the listener listens to this song he went back to the memories of his past which are most amusing and wonderful. He thinks about them and it made him happy.


5. 22

It is a motivating and inspirational song sung greatly by the diva Taylor Swift. It tells us about the person when he grows 22 he has so many hopes and ideas to become a man of means and have so many good moments, energy and other things that made a man successful. Its lyrics are so powerful that it will motivate the listener.


4. Enchanted

Enchanted in another great song by Taylor Swift, She has written it with extremely beautiful lyrics with some heart touching lines. And also has sung this song beautifully which makes it more effective and inspiring. IT is one of the best songs of her to date. Her performance in this song is the best which has lifted up this song in this list.


3. You Belong With Me

It is an emotional song by Taylor Swift and for those who have lost the love of their life by some consequences. By listening to this Song of Taylor Swift a person feels the connection of him with his love and reminds him of the beautiful memory they passed together. Some people even started weeping by listening to this song. The low notes in this song are so beautifully singed that it touches the heart of the listener.


2. Love Story

This is a song written and sung by Taylor swift. This is about the memories of the lovers that they enjoy when they are together, and feels the love, pain and disappointment of each other by staying with them all the time. This song makes the person to think about the memories and the effect of them on a person life. This song is surely one of the best songs of Taylor Swift.


1. Back to December

Some people want to go back in their past to change some of the mistakes that they had made. Mistakes that made them what they are suffering now. This song is for them and their mistakes. In real world such a thing cannot happen but this song is so beautifully written that t will hypnotize the listener and made him to go back and change that mistake. It is the best song of Taylor Swift and hits the top chart when it was released.



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