Published On: Tue, Feb 10th,

Taylor Swift, The Royal Princess On The Red Carpet Of Grammy

Taylor swift, without any competition was declared the princess of red carpet as she walked down the red carpet of the 57th annual Grammy Awards, wearing light blue gown of hers, with matching blue coloured earrings.

The hot, sizzling and beautiful beauty was wearing a teal created by Elie Saab at the red carpet of the 57th annual Grammy Awards held at the Staples Centre.

Taylor has reputation to experiment new clothing style at mega events like Grammy Awards. She was spotted wearing a light blue coloured gown with unique cuts at red carpet of Grammy Awards.

Her pick for the recent Grammy awards was completely different from what she had worn in last four Grammy awards. Previously she had worn neutral colours whereas this time Taylor wore bold colour like Blue to the red carpet of 57th annual Grammy Awards.

Her high-low monochromatic outfit was accessorised with fuschia Giuseppe Zanottti shoes, rings and a pair of aqua earrings by Lorraine Schwartz.

Without any doubt our Cinderella girl with dreams eyes was the show stealer of the night. However there were other stars like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Katty Perry but none of them stood near to the fashion sense of Taylor Swift and none of the famous singers and fashions icons were able to compete with Taylor Swift on the red carpet of 57th annual Grammy awards.

Taylor didn’t only look pretty and happy on the red carpet in fact throughout the ceremony she looked happy and pretty. Se acknowledged new singers and appreciated her colleagues on their winning.


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