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Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men In The World

Do you love fashion? Does talking about brands make you giddy? Then we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are the latest trends in foot wear, from Swarovski to Jordon’s we’ll tell you about them all. Let’s see the top ten most lavish sneakers, cap toes and more.

10: Swarovski x Fila FX 2


These athletics oriented shoes are both ,suitable for sports and stylish . Fila has joined forces with Khabarovsk to make an extraordinary configuration of shoes for the exclusive class. These shoes were made so as to commend 100 years of FAIL . These are named FAIL Fx 2 and today there are just 100 sets accessible. There are two colors most costly shoes for men, high contrast. The shoes have Eco-safe outline which is hostile to hide. It is a decent blend of style and dynamism. They are extravagant and perfect for crazy men who are players and need a few lavish shoes in their collection. The real cost is about $585.

9: Barker Black Ostrich Cap Toe


On the off chance that you need to purchase these shoes, you will need to pay $975. Today these are among the rarest shoes everywhere throughout the world, which makes them selective and unique. They are special and composed uniquely in contrast to customary shoes. The irregularity adds to their expense. If you want distinguished identity, why not purchase them. It’s elusive in stores in light of the fact that they are so uncommon. Barker Black is a British extravagance. This organization rapidly became well known in the style media. In 2007, GQ magazine appraised the producer as one of best new planner in US. Its shoes are sold just at its own outlets in Leos Angele and New York City. You can likewise discover them in extravagance stores like Berger Goodman and Newman Marcus.

8: Salvatore Ferragamo Python Loafer


Today, Salvatore Ferraro remains among the top brands and most extravagant shoes for men, delivering one of a kind set of shoes. They are all around prominent in assessment of their quality. The Python loafer is a novel shoe that is extremely costly yet stunning and for the exclusive class man. These are only outlined. You will walk unhesitatingly among your social circle when you put them on. One sets can cost you $985 which is excessively for a men’s frill. You can purchase it online also. Salvatore Ferraro was an Italian lavish shoe planner who worked with numerous Hollywood superstars in 1920s. At that point he moved to Italy to make a shoe organization that made one of a kind footwear. His imagination was appreciated comprehensively and he made the wedge heel and pen heel. Today the organization is controlled by his family and as indicated by standard just three parts of the organization can work.

7: New & Lingwood Russian calf shoes


This shoe brand is a blessing from heaven for millions out there. They have numerous ideas and styles for men that are prevalent around the world. They have made an interesting and wonderful pair of shoes called Russian Calf Shoes evaluated at $1550 which are thought to be among the most extravagant of all in the business today. Forbes magazine has appraised it too for its quality and strength. The square outline with sparkling surface is really formal and tasteful, impeccable to wear with a formal dress at any event. Their high quality cowhide shoes and boots are prevalent overall and referred to for their toughness and additionally exceptional outlines.

6: Berluti Rapieces Reprises


These shoes are for those men, who need to stand unmistakable in the swarm by wearing lavish sets. These are worth $1830 and they have a novel quality. They sparkle and suit exquisite identities. Wearing them is something not everybody is expert at. Berlitz is in shoe making industry since 1895. It makes and retails shoes and boots for men. It is known worldwide for its special and most extravagant shoes for men cowhide completing and high caliber. It additionally makes great scope of cowhide products like packs, cinchs and wallets. It’s a Paris-based organization famous comprehensively. It has constrained dissemination and in US it is accessible in their Miami and New York stores. In Europe, they have just seven Berluti boutiques. In Middle East, there are six and in Asia they have twenty-five.

5: Stefano Bemer shoes


Stefano Beyer is a luxurious brand for men. They are one of the finest shoe creators today for delivering great hand-made shoes. The shoes in this rundown are evaluated at $2000. It takes three months to produce a solitary pair. These are handcrafted and require much exertion. That is the reason their cost is excessively high than common shoes or those of different brands. These are intended for rich men who need to look complex. The style is a mixof a sparkling and Matt surface. Camel calfskin is utilized to make the shoes. Stefano Beyer, the director of the organization, indicated that a shoe is an important article and good quality shoes help you walk comfortably. When it’s comprised of excellent materials with fabulous craftsmanship, it is a source of satisfaction for you and emerges novel among the swarm. The organization was found in Florence in Italy and is overall perceived for creating astounding footwear for men.

4: Louis Vuitton Shoes


This is a standout amongst the most costly match of shoes in the world. Its cost is $10,000 and is among the most lavish and prevalent brand LV. Everybody adores it. The shoes are made with waxed croc cowhide and are totally manly. The surface at first glance is a true sight. The customary craftsmanship is plainly obvious in them. You will love the configuration. They are dark, so you can wear them with a formal ensemble. They serve as a reminder for vintage style. The lining comprises of cowhide in the shoes, which makes them delicate, smooth and agreeable. LV is a French style house most extravagant shoes for men that was established in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. Its design shows up on the greater part of L.V’s items including shoes. The shoes are distributed through standalone boutiques, retail chains and in online stores. For a long time from 2006 to 2012 LV has remained one of the world’s most profitable extravagance brand. Its shoes are known for their brilliant and fine finishing.

3: Testoni Dress shoes


You can purchase these most lavish shoes for $38,000 and these are exceptionally jazzy. It’s for rich individuals who need diverse style in shoes. Their color is worthy of a special mention. Their solace and appearance is celebrated everywhere throughout the world. These are made with gator calfskin which is extremely tough and, in addition, quiet wonderful. These shoes are hand crafted,consuming skin of goat for coating, making them delicate and comfortable. To make them more alluring, gold and precious stone have been incorporated. These shoes are water-safe and are extremely mainstream amongst the exclusive class.

2: Air Force 1 by Nike


These are one of the most costly shoes for men. A pair tennis shoes that will cost you $50,000 and they are genuinely rich for game beaus or beginners. Air Force 1 are amongst the most costly shoes rundown of today. They are studded with 11 carat precious stones on the sides as the Nike logo. This is placed by immaculate gold. In the event that you need breathtaking shoes, purchase them today and enjoy. Nike is a US based Multi-national Corporation that is best known for its outline, assembling, advancement and overall showcasing of footwear and different things. Headquarter is placed in Oregon. Today, it’s amongst the biggest suppliers of athletic shoes and clothing, with income surpassing $424.1 billion in its financial year 2012. Nike has 44,000 representatives everywhere throughout the world. It was established in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bower man.

1: Air Jordan Silver Shoes


These are among the most lavish shoes for men worth $60,000. These are genuinely extravagant and a luxury to own. They are ideal for the individuals who need a collector’s itemin the closet. These are more like sports shoes and yet they can be worn whenever and wherever you like. Their remarkable silver shade makes them a distinctive quality. These are for admirers of people like Michael Jordan. A few years back these we gifted to Mr. Jordon on his Birthday. There are numerous online stores and sites, where these silver shoes are accessible. These shoes are perfect for those, who can undoubtedly bear the cost of them andneed to look fabulous and tasteful. The company is situated in the US and was established in 1984. Its shoes are extraordinary and known for their high caliber. These are absolutely sporty however anybody can wear them, athlete or not. Whether you are determined for a morning walk, running, or activity these are the best and the most stylish shoes for you. These are super comfy and have a delicate sole that does not chafe your feet. There is an immense assortment in Air Jordan shoes. You can purchase its shoes in retail chains and online as well!

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    “Mr. Jordon”. Who is the copywriter? This reads like it was written by an 8 year old.

    “You can purchase these most lavish shoes for $38,000 and these are exceptionally jazzy.” – Is English even the first language of the author? Honestly, we don’t speak like this…

    • John Lobb

      That’s how indian people write in English. It looks like a kid wrote it, but that’s just how they write. The text they produce is filled with jargon, buzzwords and fillers that don’t fit into the text, to make them sound ‘more professional’ (since most people there are quite illiterate, it will impress them, but not western audiences).

  • Right of right

    Call me old fashioned, but 3000 bucks is all I will do for shoes….


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