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Top 10 World’s Disturbing Ice Cream Flavors

In all around the world, there are thousands of the people are fans of Ice Cream. Men, women, girls, boys and even some old men and women are also fans of Ice cream especially children are big fans of ice cream. It is clear that, the taste of Ice Cream is very sweet and amazing. In these days, there are several tastes or flavors of ice cream are available in market and some flavors are creating disturbing while eating. Here is the list of top 10 disturbing ice cream flavors.

Following are the list of top 10 disturbing ice cream flavors

10. Durian Ice Cream
Actually Durian is a famous fruit in Southeast Asia. The durian is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio. At least 30 species of Durio are recognized. Its Durio Zibethinus is very popular and more that it is only species that is available in the international market.

9. Squid Ink Ice Cream
Squid Ink is very delicious ice cream, Japan is most important the way in weird ice cream flavors that will test even the most open minded foodie. Squid Ink’s different taste and flavor are available in market and more that, Squid Ink is counted in the list of disturbing ice cream flavors.

8. Octopus Ice Cream
Octopus is very popular ice cream in Japan. Octopus is also known as the name of Tako Aisu in Japan and more that, Octopus hit the locals ice cream market because the taste of this ice cream is very lovable and amazing and that’s why there are thousands of the people are fans of the is popular ice cream.

7. Sardine & Christmas Tree
This is one the fresh and most delicious ice cream in all around the world. In this ice cream goat’s milk is mixed and churned. Due to mixing and churned of goat milk, the taste of this ice cream became and one the best taste in all around the world.

6. Breast Milk
Breast milk is very popular ice in London, England. This ice cream is assemble in an ice cream shop called by ice Creamists and this popular ice cream is located in Covent Garden. This ice cream is popular because, breast milk is contribution in making of this ice cream. This ice cream is a whopping 14 pounds, or just under $24 US.

5. Spaghetti and Cheese
This ice cream is manufacture in Heladeria Coromote in Venezuela and more that, Heladeria Coromote known for bonkers flavors and its incredible variety of choices. This ice cream is also counted in the list of most disturbing ice cream.

4. Musht Peas and Fish
The taste of this ice cream is very lovable and amazing. This ice cream is assembling in Teare Woods Luxury Ice Cream parlor and this ice cream parlor is very famous in all over the England. Teare Woods Luxury Ice Cream parlor is famous because of Musht Peas and Fish ice cream.

3. Crocodile Ice Cream
This ice cream is available at Sweet Spot artisan ice cream shop in Philippines. Crocodile ice cream is very popular because, it is made with actual reptile eggs. Popular and healthy crocodile eggs contain less cholesterol. Owners of the Sweet Spot artisan ice cream told the media that, they are run off their feet by the popularity of the treat.

2. Haggis Ice Cream
Haggis is one of the best and most popular ice creams in all around the world. This ice cream is available in London and more that, An ice-cream scooper at Morelli’s told the press this flavor was quite strong, but smooth in texture rather than chunky.

1. Cicada Ice Cream
Cicada is an insect. In Columbia, Sparky homemade ice cream shop is very popular and more that, this ice cream shop made an ice cream with the mixer of cicada. Sparky homemade ice cream shop made this ice cream, after boiling and removing the wings them and after this process cicadae were coated in chocolate and brown super and more that, some more sugar and butter flavor is also mix in making of this sweetly ice cream.


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