Published On: Wed, Nov 19th,

Kenya: 1000 Comes To Streets against Attacks on Women Stripped Naked


Nairobi: Kenyans marched against alleged attacks on women wearing short skirts, stripped naked, on Monday to protest against these brutal acts.

Foreign media reported that 1000 of Kenyans including number of women came out in the streets of Nairobi on Monday to protest against the radicals involved in vicious acts, the women who wore short skirts have been assaulted and stripped naked by some men.

A recent attack, occurred in Nairobi’s Central Business District where a woman has been dressed indecently has been beaten and attacked by dozens of men, forced Kenyans women to stand for their right instead of been victims so that in daylight the woman has been assaulted.

On Monday, marchers reached at the site, where the attack has been made, holding banners and play cards chanted ‘My Dress MY Choice’, African women are required a lot to earn respect, whereas men are respected just because they are men,’ said Ciru Muriuki, a radio producer in Nairobi.

Many of men in the march also claimed that women have right to wear everything as they love either she is my mother, sister, daughter or any other girls and also urged that these attack have not been compromised anymore.