Published On: Mon, Jun 15th,

High Court Banned Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir From Leaving South Africa


Johannesburg: The South African court has banned Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir visits to any other country, with the court to return today to argue.

it will be decided to arrest of order to al-Bashir will issue or nor as he found guilty with charges of war crimes.

The decision was announced by judge Hans Fabricius at a hearing in Pretoria on Sunday following the Southern Africa Litigation Centre, who had registered a appeal to allow President immunity to all delegates taking part an African Union summit that began in Johannesburg on Sunday.

ON the other hand, a statement was appeared from Mohamed Hatem, spokesman for Sudanese presidency, who has claimed that al-Bashir will be flying South Africa after the Monday.

Hatem described, “President Bashir is still in Johannesburg but we are leaving South Africa today,”

Johannesburg’s media reported that the plane of the Sudanese president has flown towards a military base of South Africa on late on Sunday night. It also described that the President al-Bashir can fly without any restrictions as the defense force has no concern to the court case.

It explained to be that presidency waiting eagerly on the South Africa’s Justice Department to present its case and also defined that department had assured to attempt hard against the case which was filed to arrest al-Bashir.

If reports are to be believed Al-Bashir is accused of carrying weapons for rebellion in the Darfur which is Sudanese region as well as other war crimes.

On Sunday, President to attend the African Union Summit in Johannesburg but court has banned his visit to any country from nation.

In 2009, arrest warrant was issued by the Hague-based ICC but Bashir refused the accusations.