Published On: Tue, Feb 3rd,

Police: 3rd Person Shot Dies Early-Morning Shooting Omaha Party



Mother knows best, something we hear often in our lives and although we might agree but never do we act upon this statement.

On a Saturday morning 19-year-old JaKela Foster also did the same, after her mother had told her not to attend a party at a vacant house in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mother to the nineteen year old, Kristina Young, warned her daughter of the possible violence that may break out into the party but young Jakela thinking this just another meaningless rant from her mother went anyway. Little did she know that a violent shooting would take place at the very party.

Mother to the late JaKela Foster, talking to the media, pleaded to the shooters to stop the violence. She added that her young grandson was now left without a mother.

The police believes that the shooting made around 2 o’clock at night was a gang related act of violence. Approximately 50 people were present. Other than JaKela foster twenty four year old Latecia Fox and twenty six year old Cameron Harris were also shot dead. Five others were wounded but are now in a stable condition.

Many of the fear ridden witnesses have refused to testify against the culprits due to the intimidation of the gangs but the police have urged them to come forward for the betterment of the community and a safer future for Omaha.

A few arrests have been made of people suspected to be a part of these gangs but nothing has been proved yet due to the lack of witness reports.