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Top 10 Experiments Which Proved Fatal

Experiments have always been a source of excitement for humans. But when these humans, inspired by curiosity and passion for discovery, cross their limits; the same experiments may go out of control and prove fatal. In this interesting article, we are presenting top 10 experiments which proved fatal. These are the most frightening experiments in history. Scroll down to read further:

1. Nuclear Test

Most of the people out there may not believe that history has faced a devastating nuclear test. And they are right in their thinking, because there seem no valid reason for an experiment which carries a chance of putting an end to humanity. But US made this happened too. It was the Trinity nuclear test carried out by US on 16th July, 1945. It was part of their Manhattan project. The test was conducted desert of Jornada del Muerto, U.S.A. Almost 20 kilotons of TNT were exploded which was the most dangerous and most frightening experiment in history. Even after seventy-plus years of the experiment, the site emits residual radiation 10 times higher as compared to normal radiation in the locality. A 1 hour visit of the location exposes you to half of total radiation that you receive on an average day in US through medical and natural resources.

2. Controlling the Mind

Mind control has always been appealing to medical and psychological sciences. And by now, professors like Jose Delgado have shown that mind control exists in real. The Spanish professor has developed a technique to control mind. The first ever test was conducted on an animal brain. A “stimoceiver” was planted on its brain. Different regions of its brain were stimulated by using a remote control. According to the sources, the experiment was a success and they were able to control some of the movement like movement of limbs and some involuntary movement as well. However, the experiments proved drastic effects on animals later.

3. Live Again

Does anyone in this world claim to bring the dead back to life? Robert E. Cornish is the one who once tried to do this unnatural experiment. The doctor attempted to bring the dead back by 1st putting them on a see-saw in order to keep the blood in flow. Later, he injected them some epinephrine and anti-coagulants. Though, his experiments were a complete failure but he succeeded to recover 2 dogs who were put to dead clinically afterwards. Dealing with the dead bodies in these strange and weird ways, make this experiment one of the most horrifying in history.

4. Starfish Prime

If we make a list of countries inclined to do a lot of experiments in every possible field, United States would definitely top the list. On 9th July, 1962, America detonated nuclear weapons out of the magnetic field of earth. Around 1.4 megatons TNT were detonated. As a consequence of that terrifying experiment, the detonation altered with the magnetic field of earth. It produced a vast amount of pulse far away from the anticipation of United States of America. It deactivated street lights in some of the locations of Hawaii. It also resulted in disturbance of some communication systems. It is supposed that uncommon radiations amount could have led to the destruction of currents that keep the planet stable. At our list of top 10 experiments which proved fatal, Starfish Prime stands at number 4.

5. Hadron Collider

Large Hadron Collider is the most influential particle collider in the world. An underground facility located in Switzerland houses the collider. The powerful device is used for collision of electrons, protons at very high speeds. It is also used for collision of many other sub-atomic particles. The purpose of these collisons was to explore the deep fields of high-energy physics. Lying in a huge tunnel of more than 27km of circumference, this high-level project is monitored by 10,000 scientists hired from various parts of the world. Most of the scientists are of the view that the collider is able to produce a black hole which consequently could destroy the planet or can lead to the occurrence of any other hazardous phenomena. Well, it sounds quite scary.

6. Russian Borehole

The presence of a borehole on this list might make you think whether borehole digging is really an experiment? Probably not when it is dug at around 40,000 feet. The project began on May 24, 1970 utilizing numerous sophisticated equipment and tools. Scientists and geologists attempted to dig as deep into the crust of earth as possible .It is the world’s deepest artificial point on the planet. The site was used for numerous geophysical studies. This experiment might lead to change in tectonic plate of earth leading to earthquakes and other catastrophes.

7. Experiments by Nazi

Our list of top 10 experiments which proved fatal would be incomplete if we ignore the things did by Nazi’s. The word “Nazi” immediately brings the image of Hitler in your mind. Everyone is aware of the horrors and atrocities that happened during the rule of Hitler. Nazi even did not leave humans as their target for experiments. These experiments include amputations, “freezing experiments”, and experiments with poison leading to a large number of deaths through the nation.

8. Heart Stabbing

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German surgical trainee, Werner Theodor Forssmann put himself into anesthetic and then introduced a cathedral into his arm’s vein. It might seem unbelievable but he really did it. He transported it gradually to his heart. It was a complete risk to his life because in this process, any vein could be stabbed leading to his sudden death. But the man was quite lucky and his experiment met a huge success. He became the first man to develop cardiac catheterization. Forssmann received Nobel Prize in 1956.

9. Elephant and Acid

You can see “Truko” in this picture, the elephant who was intoxicated with LSD. As a matter of fact, the amount of LSD was 3,000 times higher as compared to the amount taken by an average human. The purpose of this experiment was studying the responses of male elephants. After introducing the LSD into the giant animal, the scientists tried to find out if the elephant depicted any temporary madness, a state known as as “musth” causing the elephant to become uncontrollable and over violent. But, the elephant faced a saddened death after 45-50 minutes. IT is labeled among the most disturbing experiments in history.

10. Project Stormfury

Finally, the last experiment on our list is again form America. This experiment which stands at number 10 on our list of top 10 experiments which proved fatal was conducted in 1940’s. Irwin Langmuir, a doctor conceived an idea of utilizing ice crystals in order to weaken cyclones. His purpose was to reduce the wildness of cyclones for saving the loss of property and life. Hence, they dropped a huge quantity of ice crystals on it, but the results were entirely opposite. After receiving the crystals, the hurricane altered its direction and started movieng towards the coastal areas of Savannah, Georgia instigating massive loss of property and life.


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